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The Election Integrity Audit and press release. The National Election Data Archive developed a method for calculating the minimum number of vote counts to manually audit in order to detect outcome-altering electronic vote miscount.  This new method for calculating election audit amounts is supported by other scientific work and is posted on the National Institute of Standards and Technology voting system page. Here is a proposed state audit bill for Utah based on our work.

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Our Wish List and Goal is to ensure election integrity.  Please Contact us to receive announcements and help ensure make sure that votes are counted accurately!

What is the evidence of vote miscounts in America? US Count Votes Read The Academic Debate Surrounding the 2004 Presidential Election.

For Democracy to survive candidates, political parties, and voters must act.

  • Candidates ensure that votes are counted accurately
  • Voters can detect some attacks
  • Political Parties: Synopsis: Assure accurate vote counts
  • Political Parties: Long: Ensure vote count integrity