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Independent Audits and Election Data Monitoring

Independent Audits and Election Data Monitoring Would ensure election outcome integrity. Independent election audits would detect any outcome-altering vote miscount in auditable voting systems. Here is NEDA’s own proposed audit bill for Utah. However, no state currently conducts adequate election audits (including Connecticut, California, and other states).  A public National Election Data Archive would enable forensic analysis of detailed vote count data to detect irregular patterns that vote padding, switching, or under-votes create.

 US Count Votes

A national election data collection and public distribution system could safeguard U.S. elections! We need volunteer help to collect detailed election results data.  If Detailed election data is made public, then independent analysts could alert us when recounts and investigations are needed. Monitoring election results for accuracy requires collecting election data from over 3300 county and township election offices. Not one states yet publicly releases its detailed election data!

Counties report election results by first aggregating counts, thus hiding evidence that votes may be padded for one candidate in one vote type and wrongly subtracted for a different candidate in another vote type or other tampering or error.  (See this example.)  Under most state laws, we have a legal right to obtain this detailed election data for forensic analysis.