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Volunteers are needed now to implement this Election data archive project. Staff will use high-speed servers to create and analyze a database of precinct-level, vote-type election results for the entire U.S.  All data will be made public. With adequate funding, by November 2006 it we could be reliably warned of probable machine or human-caused vote count errors in time to recount the results and ensure that correctly elected candidates are always sworn into office. We have an immediate need for $10,000 to accomplish the legal project of writing open records requests specific to each states’ laws to obtain the detailed vote count data broken out by precinct and by type of vote (absentee, overseas, military, Election Day, provisional, early, …).  Please help us by donating.

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Exit poll analysis shows that the 2004 Ohio exit poll discrepancies are consistent with outcome-altering vote miscounts.  Statistical methods can determine if exit poll data is more consistent with vote miscounts or exit poll error. The 2004 Ohio exit poll analysis of the Election Science Institute was mathematically invalid and all attempts to dismiss the evidence of US Count Votes miscounts in the 2004 presidential election failed.

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The US Count Votes discrepancies between election wish list results and exit poll results in the 2004 presidential race have not been explained and are consistent with significant vote count errors. Examination of limited election data shows irregular patterns of vote counts in Florida, Ohio, Washington, New Mexico, and other states. We cannot know the full extent of problems until we collect and analyze the data.

We released a scientific paper, May 2005, updated September 8th, that shows that the 2004 presidential exit poll discrepancies were consistent with vote miscount.The exit pollsters had wrongly dismissed the exit poll discrepancies, claiming that they were caused by exit poll response bias. Our earlier scientific paper on the 2004 US Count Votes  exit poll discrepancies was released in March 2005 and its summary refute the pollsters’ claims.

It has been officially confirmed (by the exit pollsters wish list themselves) that on election night the final set of exit polls showed John Kerry defeating George Bush by 3% of the popular vote and a clear majority of 316 electoral votes. Our statisticians analyzed Edison/Mitofsky’s own explanation of their exit poll discrepancies, and found serious flaws in their argument.  Exit polls have been used for years to detect corruption of official vote tallies – most recently in Ukraine.